Mr. Leone's St. John's (of Annapolis) Internet Test

Welcome! Click here to start taking the test. Read the rest of this page for instructions on how it works, i.e. how to answer the questions in it.

Ahem. Things to know:

  • Clues can be hidden in three (or more -- you'll find those) possible locations:

    1. The Title Bar ~ Look at the very top of the window, above the address bar and shortcuts and things, and you will find the title bar. The title bar for this page says, "See! Up here!" Don't move on until you know where it is -- it's very important you know where to find this clue.
    2. The Picture ~ Really the most obvious place to look for clues. Sometimes there will be more than one picture per level. Sometimes, the picture is just nominally helpful.
    3. The Source Code ~ Probably the weirdest place to hide a clue. In Firefox, you can view it under the menu item View->Page Source. Other browsers will have the option in other places, you'll just have to find it.
    4. Other Places ~ ... you will discover along the way.

  • The answer you enter will not require any foreign characters, capital letters, or spaces. The answer will be entered into the URL, or address bar, replacing the filename of the current level. For example, if the level URL is and the answer is "stjohns", the answer will replace "level1" in the URL, so that the new URL will be:

  • SPELLING IS VERY IMPORTANT! If there's more than one way to write an answer, try all of them. You may have the correct answer and not be inputting it correctly.

  • The test is St. John's themed, Annapolis campus specifically, so think in terms of Johnnie knowledge. You may still need Google or the St. John's website ( That's fine; Googling and using translation websites or dictionaries or anything is allowed.

  • All the clues in each page point toward the answer, and the answer to each level makes sense from the clues. Think outside the box, and best of luck!

  • Feel free to email me with questions about levels at I will not give you answers to levels, but I will help you start thinking in the right direction.

  • A log of the changes made to the test can be found here.

...kai praxomen kalws.