Author: Alex

The Johnnie Hallelujah

I rewrote the lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah my freshman year of college, as a tribute to St. John’s College. I played this on my guitar at Collegium (the college-wide talent show). Here’s the lyrics, with references to Euclid’s Elements, Plato’s Republic, and Homer’s Odyssey.

I’m Not Cool music video

My brother Ben stars in this music video we made for the song “I’m Not Cool,” from Scott Krippayne’s album “All of Me.” When we made this, I was 11 and he was 10. I made him do a lot of stunts and a lot of takes. Thank you, Ben!


Written in 2009, in one sitting, in the recording studio in my parents’ basement.

What motivates a hero to go on an adventure?

One thing I’m really bad at when running tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeon World is finding a good reason for my players do something adventurous. Adventure stories are full of heroes leaving their homes for some reason or another. So, I thought I’d take a look at the heroes in stories I knew and figure out why they leave home to go do whatever it is they do.

Lord of the Golf Balls

This is an old project. I was 13 when I made this, so don’t expect much higher quality than that. There are two parts.

The Doorknob Song

Written in 2009. Probably about the doorknob in my college dorm room. But who knows, really, what a song is about?